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There’s a new day dawning for medical aesthetics in Alabama. While the staples like Botox and medical grade skincare remain popular, Indian Hills Aesthetics is excited to offer the most advanced treatments on the market! Taking years off your look is easier than ever before with our Sofwave near Tuscaloosa. So keep reading to learn how you can brighten and tighten your beauty with this revolutionary treatment!

Sofwave Explained

The next generation of facial rejuvenation is here! Sofwave is revolutionizing how we create brighter beauty with every treatment. With cutting-edge technology and highly skilled experts at your service, there’s no better way to experience Sofwave near Tuscaloosa! Here’s a glimpse into the science behind Sofwave’s amazing results:

SUPERB™ Science

Sofwave uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB™) technology to provide safe and effective resurfacing throughout the treatment area. This treatment delivers powerful ultrasound energy via seven stable transducers. That means fewer moving parts and more reliable coverage into the mid-dermis. The proven science surrounding this treatment is what makes it an FDA-approved option for the following:

With all of these transducers working together, this treatment maximizes efficiency and efficacy on all skin types. The fractional ultrasound effect used in this treatment creates an inflammatory wound-healing response centered around two key regenerative stages in collagen.

Both neo-collagenesis and neo-elastinogenesis are natural collagen regeneration processes jumpstarted by Sofwave’s SUPERB™ system. Neo-collagenesis happens when new collagen forms as a result of your body’s natural wound-healing response. Neo-elastinogenesis naturally happens alongside neo-collagenesis as new elastin protein fibers form with new tissue. 

While traditional methods such as microneedling use physically invasive techniques to jumpstart these processes, Sofwave uses completely non-invasive ultrasound waves. This allows us to control cell turnover below the surface of your skin. While promoting cell turnover in the epidermis, Sofwave’s integrated cooling system keeps healthy cells throughout the epidermis intact. With the Lift and Precise applicators, our specialists can customize every Sofwave treatment to exceed your rejuvenation goals. 

The Treatment

This is one of the best preventative treatments for patients in their mid-30s and 40s who want to avoid costly surgeries and procedures. With its revolutionary SUPERB™ technology, Sofwave works to deliver higher energy levels in a larger concentration. Because of this advanced energy delivery, this highly effective treatment takes less than 45 minutes and requires fewer sessions than alternative ultrasound-based treatments.

Since the ultrasound energy can generate some heat, we start every treatment of Sofwave near Tuscaloosa by applying a topical anesthetic to the treatment area. Throughout your treatment, you may feel a dull warming sensation as Sofwave works below the surface to jumpstart collagen production. Our specialists are sure to check in with you throughout the process, as your comfort is just as important to us as your results.

The Results

After receiving Sofwave near Tuscaloosa, you can get back to your day and watch the results form right before your eyes! That’s because Sofwave includes an integrated cooling system, called Sofcool, that rapidly cools the surface of the skin. Without redness or irritation, patients can expect almost no downtime or discomfort!

Since everyone’s skin conditions are unique, your results will be as well. Typical collagen regeneration after Sofwave near Tuscaloosa can take up to 12 weeks, and you can expect to see continued improvement for 3 months after your initial treatment. Depending on your specific skin condition, we may recommend up to 2 treatments to achieve ideal results.

Say No to the Knife

It may come as a shock, but at Indian Hills Aesthetics, we recommend options that allow our patients to avoid surgery. Dr. Chelsea Wallace has years of experience as a trusted surgeon in Alabama, but with revolutionary technologies like Sofwave near Tuscaloosa, many patients can meet their goals without surgery.  Here’s why more and more people are saying no to surgery and yes to natural beauty:

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In her experience as a highly respected surgeon, Dr. Wallace takes careful consideration with every incision she makes. This is because once you commit to a surgical procedure, your results are permanent. While effective, surgery is a much more rigid and final approach to aesthetics.

That’s why we’re happy to recommend Sofwave near Tuscaloosa. With every treatment, we can fine-tune your results to meet your exact goals. This allows your beauty to change and improve over time, especially if you are not quite ready for surgery.


With more room for your natural beauty to grow and change, your results can keep up with your life. From preventing wrinkles and sagging at 30 to rejuvenating natural collagen after 40, this is a great option to allow your beauty to grow and change with you! As you customize your beauty plan over time, every result retains a natural, healthy look. 


Noninvasive options like Sofwave fit into more budgets and beauty plans for many reasons. But out of all the benefits our patients enjoy over surgery, it involves virtually no downtime! Gone are the days of filling prescriptions and needing someone to watch over you after your procedure. With Sofwave near Tuscaloosa, our patients can save the most valuable things in the world: time and peace of mind.

Say Hello to Our Specialists

At Indian Hills Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on providing the most patient-focused care and advanced options available. This approach is what makes us one of the most popular medspas in Tuscaloosa. As advanced as our offerings are, our specialists are what truly make our practice one of a kind. Before any treatment, our team takes the time to talk every patient through their concerns and educate them on their options.

Your Consultation

In our one-on-one conversation, our specialists get to know the real you. We’ll talk about your life, your concerns, and your goals. As we get to know each other, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan based around your individual goals and conditions. Before your treatment with Sofwave near Tuscaloosa, we’ll answer any questions you may have and take before photos to track your progress. 

To finish your consultation, we’ll make suggestions for prep, such as abstaining from smoking, staying hydrated, and avoiding harsh cleansers and direct sun exposure. All of these recommendations help make your skin the ideal canvas for the best possible results. If we agree that Sofwave is right for you, we’ll schedule your first appointment and introduce you to the rest of our staff.

Our Team

Throughout your experience at Indian Hills Aesthetics, you’ll get to interact with our entire team. Our front office administrator schedules every treatment and ensures you have all your ducks in a row before, during, and after your treatment. Throughout your beauty plan, our patient care coordinator will ensure every need is met and every question is answered. 


For your Sofwave near Tuscaloosa, Dr. Chelsea Wallace’s skilled hands ensure every treatment is efficient and effective. Our entire team works tirelessly to provide the personalized care and quality experience that makes Indian Hills Aesthetics one of the top practices in Alabama.

A New Day for Indian Hills

We know what you’re thinking. “Why would one of Alabama’s top cosmetic surgeons promote a nonsurgical procedure?” The answer is at the cornerstone of our practice. We believe in providing the highest-quality care for every patient who trusts us with their beauty. With so many amazing developments in the aesthetics industry, we’re evolving our practice to meet our patients’ needs even better. 

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