Men's Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Goals for Guys: Men’s Hair Loss Treatments at Indian Hills

Hey guys! The gals at Indian Hills Aesthetics are here to talk about your hair goals. You can hide it all you want, but when you’re tired of running from fewer follicles, we’re here to get real results from really valuable treatments. Before we dig into our men’s hair loss treatments, let’s take a look under the hood to check what condition your condition is in.

Bald to the Bone

Chances are, if you rocked out to hair bands in high school, you’re seeing less hair lately. However, hair loss isn’t just for old guys! Hair loss can happen to any man at any age. From outside stress and poor habits to genetics and preexisting conditions, there are many factors that can lead to less hair. To bang your head with a fuller head of hair, start by getting to the root of these common root causes. 

A Family Tradition

Even the great Hank Sr. experienced hair loss! If you’re tired of carrying on that old family tradition, you’re not alone. Male pattern baldness affects around 80% of men over 70 years old. In recent studies, it’s estimated that about 80% of the time, hair loss can be traced back throughout family trees for men.

Genetically related male pattern baldness is known in the clinical world as androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss is typically related to the AR gene found in the X chromosome, although studies have shown that 63 other genes can play a role as well. 

Take a look through a photo album sometime; you may just be looking into the future of your hair! To avoid a total dad bod, we take a look at your family history and other factors when choosing your men’s hair loss treatment.

What’s on the Outside

You have to pay the cost to be the boss. But you don’t have to lose your hair on the way to the top! Hair loss is common in high-stress situations at work and at home. Outside factors can impact your hair because your body will naturally focus its energy on handling stress. 

When your body goes into survival mode, the first thing to shut off is the hair growth cycle. It can also lead to compulsions called trichotillomania. This compulsion can cause you to rip out your hair uncontrollably. Yes, you read that right; your job could actually cause you to pull your hair out! 

To build the best plan for your men’s hair loss treatment, we recommend seeking mental help first. This will allow you to correctly manage your stress, and you may find that with a clearer mind comes a fuller scalp! Guys have feelings too, so ditch the machismo and open up to share what’s on the inside.

What’s on the Inside

If you’re feeling moodier than usual, it may not just be stress. Low testosterone can actually lead to thinner hair due to a lack of key biomarkers that keep your body in top condition. Men of all ages can develop low testosterone, clinically known as male hypogonadism. It’s okay if the name gives you a bit of a chuckle, but this condition is no laughing matter when it comes to men’s health. 

Low testosterone levels can result in even lower levels of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short. This compound is created by an enzyme that needs optimal levels of testosterone. DHT is five times more potent than testosterone and is a key compound in the prostate, skin, and hair follicles. Without DHT, your natural processes can come to a scary, screeching halt.

Touché, Toupee!

Even with these advanced options, guys may still be reluctant to do something about their hair loss. We all know a hat guy, and even a good hairpiece is still easy to spot. If you’re putting off your consultation, we see you! Here are the common ways we can tell who could benefit from a men’s hair loss treatment at Indian Hills: 

Becoming a Hat Guy

Look, we all have a favorite Crimson Tide hat, but why hide under it forever? Wearing a hat may not directly contribute to your hair loss, but routine wear can damage the hair follicles causing premature hair breakage. For some people, hats are a crutch they use to prop up their self-worth and identity. If you’re becoming a hat guy, that fashion choice can mean a whole lot more.


Hatfishing is just as dangerous as catfishing for your relationships and your self-esteem. To avoid the drama, we suggest coming clean and ditching the hat. In our office, coming clean means taking the first step in your journey to the best men’s hair loss treatment.

Faking It Like the Best

Some of the world’s most iconic leading men all share one thing: they wore a hairpiece. From Ol’ Blue Eyes and Sean Connery to John Wayne and Burt Reynolds, they all wore hairpieces to hide their natural thinning or bald spots. This is one of the most common ways we can tell someone could use a men’s hair loss treatment. Faking it is okay in the movies, but for those of us who live life off-camera, it’s best to get real.

Hitting Rock Bottom

We won’t deny that some celebs can really rock the bald look. However, you don’t have to let your life choose your hairstyle! It’s perfectly fine to go completely bald, but if you’re experiencing hair loss, that choice can feel more like a last resort.

To keep those locks flowing for our patients, we believe that a little talk goes a long way. Our specialists at Indian Hills get to know so many stories with every patient we help. We see the realest sides of people, from their hopes and dreams to their realities and fears. At our practice, we take men’s hair loss treatments personally. So don’t be afraid to open up to us!

“Dude, say something!”

For most guys, talking about their hair loss can be one of the most difficult things to do. Men often tie their physical appearance to their identity and quality of life. Simply put, losing your hair can make you feel like you’re losing control of your life. Hair loss is taxing enough on anyone’s self-worth without factoring in masculine norms that stigmatize reaching out. 

Mental Health and Men’s Hair Loss

If you grew up with coaches telling you to rub some dirt on it and get back out there, this section is for you. At Indian Hills, men’s hair loss treatments help men do a lot more than regrow their hair. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up a tough facade. So here are some common emotional issues we help men improve as we dig deeper into their hair loss:

Less Self-Esteem

If you’re joking about your own hair loss, low self-esteem isn’t a laughing matter. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? If not, it can be hard to maintain your self-esteem. Our specialists believe there’s a direct correlation between looking and feeling your best. So if you’re tired of being the butt of your own bald jokes, we’re here to help.

More Anger

For some men, thinning or balding can lead to frustration and anger surrounding their condition. Feeling like you’re out of control of your looks is a perfectly understandable reason for frustration. However, unchecked anger can lead to problems with family, friends, and co-workers. In your hair restoration journey, your support system is just as important as the treatments we recommend. So keep the peace and your hair; your blood pressure will thank you.


Sometimes, more anger and lower self-worth are signs of a much deeper issue. Masculine norms make talking about depression and hair loss equally hard. For the sake of your health and your loved ones, getting help is crucial to dealing with both conditions. Our consultation will discuss your own self-image, but our men’s hair loss treatments stop at the scalp. To really make a difference in what’s going on inside your head, we recommend talking to a psychiatrist.

As you talk about what’s going on inside your head, it becomes a lot easier to deal with what’s going on on top of it. At Indian Hills, we believe that everyone has true beauty within themselves. That’s why we continue to improve our practice and our procedures to bring out the best in everyone we help. When you’re ready to fight back against baldness, we’re here with advanced men’s hair loss treatments to restore your natural hair.

Fighting Baldness in Alabama

We use the right tools for the right job, just like Dad said. Since every man is just as unique as his hair, no two treatment plans at Indian Hills are the same. To win the fight against thinning or balding, we have three weapons to choose from. To introduce each, we’ll skip the fluff and give you exactly what you need to know about our options for men’s hair loss treatments.


The most popular men’s hair restoration supplement is at Indian Hills. Nutrafol Men is a specially designed compound of vitamins and minerals taken daily. That means as long as you can commit to a daily regimen, you can regrow your real hair without any complex treatments required!

What It Is

Inside each capsule are two complexes packed with powerful vitamins and minerals. In the Synergen complex, you’ll find collagen, curcumin, ashwagandha, hyaluronic acid, and palm extract. The second complex is Nutrafol’s unique blend. This includes Japanese knotweed extract, solubilized keratin, and black pepper. All of these ingredients are typically used in natural remedies, but Nutrafol expertly combines them all for a truly transformative supplement.

Why It Works

By only utilizing bioavailable ingredients, this nutraceutical is more readily absorbed by the body. This allows the body to utilize the phytoactives in each capsule as efficiently as possible. At Indian Hills, our specialists prefer the most natural solutions possible for every men’s hair loss treatment. Even for severe cases, we recommend Nutrafol to further improve results.

What Does It Cost?

Currently, Nutrafol Men starts at $79 for a monthly supply from Nutrafol. But if you go it alone, you miss out on the biggest benefit of buying from Indian Hills. When you buy Nutrafol from us, you also get personalized clinical recommendations to maximize your results. For guys, we suggest approaching this supplement like any protein powder for the gym. You can go it alone and hope you have the right solution, or you could ensure results by trusting our expert recommendations.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

To kick your men’s hair loss treatment up a notch, we utilize NeoGraft hair restoration. NeoGraft utilizes the most precise hair transplant device available. By utilizing your own healthy hair, this transplant is more effective than traditional methods due to the revolutionary technology trusted by specialists all over the world.

What It Is

NeoGraft uses a fully automatic follicular unit extraction (FUE) and implantation method. Our specialists utilize the unique extractor and applicator to redistribute healthy, natural hair throughout your scalp. Without the inefficiencies of old-school strip methods, Indian Hills can precisely replace lost follicles without the costly trial and error you may face with hair restoration.

Why It Works

The FUE method extracts individual hair follicles from an area known as the donor site. We usually take these hairs from the lower back of the head, above the nape of the neck. Once the required follicles are extracted, our specialists strategically reimplant them in targeted areas of the scalp. 

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a tough guy for this transplant. Instead of a traditional scalpel used to extract your hair, NeoGraft uses an automated handpiece, which provides very little discomfort throughout this men’s hair loss treatment. In addition to being less painful, this procedure is also faster and more effective than traditional hair transplants.. Your specialist at Indian Hills will specify the correct number of treatments to reach your specific goals.

How Much Is It?

Each session can vary depending on the number of follicular units to be transplanted and the number of sessions required to reach your goals. To learn more about the specific pricing related to your treatment plan, we recommend scheduling a consultation. There, you’ll receive a detailed plan and transparent pricing for every treatment.

PRP for Hair Loss

For the most advanced men’s hair loss treatment out there, we start by using your own cells. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is trusted for many medical procedures that naturally regenerate cells. At Indian Hills, we utilize this potent plasma to kickstart cellular growth and supplement a healthier scalp.

What It Is

Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your natural red blood cells. Your body naturally uses platelets to promote cell growth and regeneration. PRP contains about five times more concentrated platelets than are found in regular blood. We utilize this concentration because platelets secrete growth factors that assist in regrowing your body’s naturally occurring tissues, including hair.

Why It Works

At the core of this treatment, each PRP injection targets the dermal papilla cells. These play a critical role in hair growth and are found under the first layer of skin on your scalp. By promoting healthy cell regeneration where dermal papillae are sparsely populated, these injections truly utilize your natural processes to regrow your real hair! 

How Long Does It Take?

This entire process may sound like a lengthy mad scientist experiment. However, this tame treatment typically takes less than an hour and requires absolutely no downtime. We start with a small blood draw, then we separate the PRP from your blood and inject it into targeted areas of your scalp. 

After your initial treatment, you should see results starting in a couple of weeks. By the time your initial results start to surface, you’ll be ready for your next treatment to compound your progress even further! Like all of our men’s hair loss treatments, this process is designed to be minimally invasive and highly effective.

The Dr. Will See You Now

Indian Hills Aesthetics is well known in Tuscaloosa for our skilled hands and transformative treatments. However, we always believe that the best could always be better. That’s why we’re kicking our practice into high gear with the most advanced aesthetic treatments available. In Alabama, our specialists are a force of nature just as strong as the Crimson Tide, so are you ready to meet our mastermind?

Dr. Chelsea Wallace


It takes a special kind of specialist to get real with guys about their hair loss. Good thing Dr. Chelsea Wallace is used to making hard conversations easy. Her years of experience as a trusted cosmetic surgeon combined with the most advanced men’s hair loss treatments make sure that every procedure is custom-tailored to exceed expectations for our patients.

Our Approach

Our practice is devoted to creating an empowering environment where everyone can feel comfortable as we talk about their challenges and goals. This in-depth approach is what makes every patient’s experience totally unique. While it may be hard to open up at first, our entire staff is here to help with every treatment. We believe that building relationships and providing quality care are keys to earning confidence and trust. 

Beat Balding for Good

If you’re tired of seeing your dad’s hairline in the mirror, it’s time to get real results with our men’s hair loss treatments. Feel free to browse our options with our procedure match tool wherever you go. But when you’re ready to beat balding for good, start by talking to our specialists in your consultation