Hair Restoration

The Journey Back to You: Introducing Hair Restoration at Indian Hills

Your life takes some crazy twists and turns. In your 20s, hair loss was probably the farthest thing from your mind, but now, it may be the only thing you can think about. What would you give to see more hair in the mirror and more smiles on your face? At Indian Hills, all it takes is trust as our specialists introduce you to clinical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa.

Talking is taking the first step

The first step to finally doing something about your hair loss is talking about it. Hair loss is directly linked to depression in women and men alike. But all too often, we only get to know a patient’s story when times seem darkest. We recommend seeing a mental health professional to address depression, but to treat the medical causes of your hair loss, Dr. Wallace and our team of providers are here to talk.


Things like medications, lifestyle, and genetic predispositions are all tied to hair loss in every patient we see at Indian Hills. We’ll save the taking-care-of-yourself talk for your parents. But we will talk about many ties to your physical, mental, and hair health in your consultation. To make that conversation as easy as possible, these are the topics we talk about when discussing hair restoration in Tuscaloosa.

What to Talk About 

No two patients are alike at Indian Hills, so no two treatment plans are the same! To discover the root causes of your hair loss, we focus on the whole of you. At this stage of your journey back to healthier hair, it’s crucial to be open and honest with your provider and with yourself. Take stock of these three key components for your entire hair restoration journey with Indian Hills:

Your Lifestyle

Have you eaten today? If not, stop reading and find something nutritious before you read the rest of this blog (coffee doesn’t count!). Take a closer look at your lifestyle to understand your stress levels, your routine, and your self-care. These may sound far removed from follicles, but each aspect plays an important role in overall health, including natural hair growth. 

Your Goals

We’d all like to look 21 again, but in your consultation, your specialist will help you set realistic goals based on your current conditions, budget, and desired timeline. To start setting realistic goals for yourself, we recommend starting with a look in the mirror. Thinning hair will require more TLC than alopecia, so set your goals with our experienced specialists. To build realistic and attainable goals, keep a few key questions in mind.

Your Questions

  • “How much will this cost?”

At Indian Hills, every patient’s beauty is just as important as their budget. We provide flexible treatment plans to fit almost every budget and condition. Nutrafol is typically our most fiscally flexible option, which also makes it one of the most recommended treatments. To further the results of your hair restoration in Tuscaloosa, we can include more specialty options like our light helmet or PRP as your budget allows.

  • “What treatments are right for me?”

The answer to this question is different for everyone. We take a clinically close look at your condition, your goals, and your overall health as we determine the best course of action for every stage of your treatment plan. We typically recommend Nutrafol to provide the optimal foundation for natural hair growth. If more in-depth treatments are needed, we will discuss the costs and benefits of adding PRP or light therapy to your treatment plan.

  • “How long until I see results?”

Everything worth having in life takes work, including your natural hair. Initial results from PRP and light therapy can start to surface between 2 and 6 weeks after your initial treatment. To maintain these results, we’ll recommend regular follow-ups, and schedule them to fit your lifestyle flawlessly. Between clinical treatments, we recommend adding Nutrafol to your daily supplement routine. This ensures the healthiest hair and the longest-lasting results possible.

Plan Your Path

As you become more comfortable talking about your hair loss, it’s time to dig into the treatments our patients trust every day for their hair restoration in Tuscaloosa. Our specialists tailor every treatment plan by using one or all of these treatments to promote hair growth naturally. Here are your three available options at Indian Hills:

Surface Mount Laser Helmet

It may sound like science fiction. But our patients who trust our low l helmet are living proof that this treatment works! By utilizing specialized red wavelengths produced by laser light, your scalp simulates the most optimal environment for hair growth. This treatment requires absolutely no downtime, and only 10 minutes per day. In just a few quick sessions, everyone can benefit from this completely non-invasive treatment.


The most advanced hair growth supplement meets Tuscaloosa’s most trusted specialists. While you could pick these supplements up from your local Sephora, expert advice is only available at Indian Hills. We pair Nutrafol with regular light treatments and even PRP for maximum, long-lasting results. Many patients use Nutrafol every day as an effective, all-natural supplement for healthy hair growth even after they’re satisfied with their restoration.

PRP for Hair Loss

Three of the most advanced letters in clinical aesthetics are used for many different purposes. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is the naturally derived key to our most advanced hair restoration in Tuscaloosa. Just as PRP is used for everything from healing wounds to advanced facials, it’s immensely useful for restoring your natural hair growth. Your PRP treatment for hair loss will take place in three easy steps:

Stage 1


Our specialists will draw a small amount of blood from you. We then put it through a centrifuge to separate the plasma from red blood cells. Our providers then extract the PRP and load the necessary amount of syringes to inject it into your scalp.

Stage 2

In this stage, you’ll relax in one of our comfortable treatment rooms as a specialist prepares your scalp for the injections. In just a few minutes, your injections are completed, and you can get right back to your day! We recommend avoiding direct sunlight to allow the PRP to work most effectively.

Stage 3

After every PRP for hair loss treatment, it’s important to schedule follow-up treatments. In these appointments, we’ll plan for more injections and gradually improve your total hair restoration. We’ll plan every additional treatment based on your desired results and availability. We may be the specialists, but at Indian Hills, you’re always in control throughout every step of your journey back to fuller, healthier hair.

Hair Restoration Royalty

At Indian Hills, we treat every patient seeking hair restoration in Tuscaloosa like royalty. Dealing with hair loss is hard enough, so we believe your treatment plan should be just as enjoyable as a facial or a massage. It’s often difficult to recognize effective hair restoration, and that’s the point! Here are a few famous faces who trust the same treatments that are available at Indian Hills:

For the Queens

Hollywood royalty such as Tyra Banks, Viola Davis, and Jada Pinkett Smith all live with a genetic hair loss condition called alopecia. The different types of alopecia are all naturally occurring and stem from genetics related to scalp and hair follicle health. The severity of this condition varies from person to person, but the treatments remain relatively the same. By adding supplements like Nutrafol for improved overall health and pairing advanced treatments like light therapy and PRP, we work to reverse the effects of this condition over time.

For the Kings

Unless you’re Bruce Willis, Howie Mandel, or Vin Diesel, male pattern baldness is typically not your signature look. Male pattern baldness is also referred to as Androgenetic alopecia, specifically triggered by unique health and genetic markers in males. Nutrafol for men specifically supplements nutrient deficiencies associated with this condition. Just because your dad lost his hair, doesn’t mean you have to! Everyone can benefit from professional hair restoration in Tuscaloosa, but why stop at your scalp?

Additional Treatments

Treatment plans at Indian Hills don’t stop at good enough. We’re driven to provide the most comprehensive, effective care to all of our patients. As we improve your hair and your confidence, here are a few additional treatments we recommend:

Botox, Baby!

What good is that fuller, more youthful-looking crop of hair with fine lines and wrinkles that still show your age? Botox is one of the most popular botulinum toxins designed to relax facial muscles for a smoother, more youthful look. We can trust this injectable for patients of all ages and conditions for flexible, noticeable improvements in just one treatment!

Pump Up the Volume

Dermal fillers are the specialist’s choice when it comes to adding natural-looking volume. Unlike Botox injections, these fillers actually add volume to faces. They do this by promoting collagen production to create an improved substructure resulting in additional volume over time. Results typically last longer than those from Botox, but they’re still not completely permanent.

Brighter Beauty Begins Here

Indian Hills has become Alabama’s go-to for surgical cosmetic treatments. While many practices would be proud to be as trusted as our surgeons, there are still so many exciting treatments we’re eager to share with our patients. That’s why we’re expanding our knowledge and our offerings with more non-surgical treatments than ever before! 


We’re bringing brighter beauty to Tuscaloosa with nationally recognized specialists and treatments for everyone. Start your journey back to fuller, luscious locks with our advanced hair restoration in Tuscaloosa! Book your consultation today, or use our procedure match tool.